Limits on axis positions?

I have noticed that there seem to limits as to how far along an axis a vertex could be located. Example, a vertex in one of my test objects is 504.000 inches above the ground along the Z axis. If I select the vertex then pres N to enter new coordinates for it, it reverts to 500.00 if I click on the button for the Z axis and I am unable to set it any higher. This has turned out to be an obsatcle for me, as I have elements that extend weel beyond the 500 inch mark. Is there a way to increase the limits of the axis?

That’s a limit to the buttons in the Nkey menu, not in the position of the vertice. I guess this could be changed easily.


You can set the ClipEnd value in ViewButtons (Shift+F7, back with Shift+F5) to 1000. This value corresponds to the Loc values for the N-key pop-up.
Now you should be able to enter values up to 1000.
1000 thats the limit of blender.
If this still isn’t enough you could do a 1:10 model, or a 1:2 model or whatever. Blender has arbitrary units anyway and there is no inch, cm etc.

really? Nice, I didn’t know these two had any link between them. I thought clip end only related to visibility clipping.


Only in EditMode, but I don’t know why.

Sometimes a bit slow and some things are too unlikely.
So I just realized that I knew something theeth didn’t :o :o :o

WOW, this is worth an extra post. :smiley: