limits rotation in GE


Anybody knows how to limit the rotation of a rigid boy object in realtime ?

There’s this… It uses some property sensors/actuators and is pretty simple…

thanks…but dosn’t work for me, i’ll try but my model has rigdbody constraints with pivot…and the body parts go where they want…that i can’t figure out how to limit rotation in realtime…maybe is a feature that don’t exist.

hi 00joszic00,

If you don’t mind using python, you can create a 6DOF constraint with python and use the param methods to limit the rotation.

Here’s a blend. 6DOF point to point constraint. Rotation limited on x and y and z axis. -60 degrees to plus 60 degrees.

More information. link to documentation for 6DOF constraint



Constraint_6DOF_Point_limitRot.blend (161 KB)

Thanks, really.

I think that this can be a good way to do…i have to try…

My experience is very little in blender but all it’s good to learn.