Lincoln V, Science Fiction Mystery, iPhone/PC/Mac

I posted about Lincoln V originally back in December… Wow, a lot of progress has been made in the past 6 months. For sake of “retaining the integrity” of the original post, I’ve copied it to the reply.

Anyways, Lincoln 5 is now tantalizingly close to being finished. I wanted to post some updates here about the project. We are still looking for team members, but now we plan on paying them. (Keep reading to know how)

Screenshot Gallery at

We are currently raising funds to finish the project, because there is an estimated 1000 hours left of work (most of which is blender work) and trying to finish that myself is maddening. We are raising money on

If you are interested in helping or learning more go to: to learn more

If you are interested in joining the team, email [email protected]

Old Post from Dec 2009 (For reference purposes)

Hello everyone!

My team, J.R. Creative Studios, LLC, is finishing our project, Lincoln V. We are also looking for team members as well, but if you want to know more about that, please check our team thread: The two posts are largely similar, but this one is more-so focused on telling about the project.

Lincoln V is a science-fiction mystery game that will be playable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and PC and plays similar to games like Myst or Riven. The game includes voice-acting, cinematic sequences, and revolves around the unexplained death of everyone aboard a space station called “The Gateway”. As the main character, you find yourself alone aboard the station with no idea what happened.

Gameplay: The game is fundamentally “point-and-click” wherein you move through the Gateway finding clues and tinkering with puzzles. Unlike a lot of puzzle games, these puzzles are more naturally occurring. I.E. Instead of having to solve a rubic’s cube to get through a door, you have to realize that the door’s wiring is messed up and re-wire it. As you progress through the game you find out more about what happened on the Gateway you uncover surveillance recordings detailing the arrival of a woman named Axel and her partner Orion - supposedly the ones behind the catastrophe.

The game will have at least two difficulty modes available, easy and hard and each time you start a new game in either mode, the solution to most of the puzzles is randomly varied. In hard mode, a major difference, is that due to a serious injury the main character sustains, you only have a limited time to finish the game and all the puzzles within it.

The game art is being developed using Blender and being programmed using Torque Game Builder.

Please note that this post does not include all concept art or rendering samples. To see more, please see the “additional samples” link at the bottom…

Sample 1 (Actual Render):

Sample 2 (Actual Render):

Concept art sample:

Links and additional information:

> See additional samples
> Learn more about the project
> Email: [email protected]

Thank you!

This looks incredible! When you are done contact me and I can add your game to (gets 500-600 daily)


Well thank you! I’ll keep that in mind and I’ll definitely let you know when its finished. I noticed you have a work in progress section on your site that looks a bit ignored. Would this game have a place there? Or is that section used for other things?

I just set it up actually. I’m working out drop down bugs atm in the theme

Holy crap! I am really impressed! At what framerate does this run on your computer?