Lincoln V - Will you survive?

Lincoln V by J.R. Creative Studios LLC

You are a woman named Dr. Aero. You wake up aboard the Gateway as the last survivor. You don’t know what happened, or how you got here, but you have sustained a fatal head injury and you don’t have much time left to live. Will you discover what happened to the crew of the Gateway and save yourself before its too late?

This game’s play style was inspired partly by Myst, as it is going to be a point-and-click mystery game. It is going to feature fully rendered beautiful 3D scenes, voice acting, and cinematic to go along with them.

The game is going to be released Summer 2009 for the PC, Mac, and iPhone.

We are currently looking for Torque programmers, and blender artists to make sure the project is top notch. We will be paying on a royalty basis, so if you love programming, modeling, animating, or want to break into the industry please apply.

Learn more or apply now:

Neat looking concept you have going there.

I’ve seem some really neat things made with Torque, but we’re always interested to know how the Blender Game Engine could improve as a commercially viable option. If it’s not too much to ask, could you share with us some of the factors that led you to choose the TGE over the BGE? Was it mainly iPhone support, or were there other factors as well?

Edit: Oh, BTW, I believe you meant a “critical head injury.” Had she sustained a fatal head injury, she would be dead already.

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Post 2010.

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Good Stuff - look forward to when the game is completed. All the best for your project!~