Hey All…
I this pic is my first pic done in painter…
I know there is a lot wrong with it, the face is out of wack, and the hand is holding the eye open…LOL
Anyway let me know what you think


well… I cannot see anything wrong with the hand, or face being out of wack… only thing I can say really is, that it lacks texture… and I dont understand why he is doing like that with his eye? :slight_smile:

but I really like those eyebrows… and the eyes.


Looks great. Better than I can ever do in 2D. I am with basses on the lack of texture. My only real crit is that the forearm seems to just come out of nowhere. I think it should come from the right side of the image instead of from the bottm. It would be a more natural position I think.

There really should be a 2D forum here. Would be great to see what else you guys all do in the art world. I for one, should get back to doing some drawing. Haven’t done it in a long time.


Of course it lack texture, its art, don’t you know art when you see one ? Looks like it was done in oil paint, painter is probaly easer then Gimp

it doesnt look like it’s made with oils since it lacks texture. that’s what I was talking about. there is no paint impasto, and there is no canvas texture… it can be faked in painter. but it’s always fake. so it’s bettre off I think.

i just loove that pure rough canvas … how it feels and acts when you put some paint to it… mmmmmm…