Line Animation

Anyone have any idea how you would go about making these in blender? I know there is a way to animate the grease pencil, but I’ve never tried that myself. It would be really helpful if someone could just make a blend with a bouncing ball as an example. Thanks for any help.

Have you tried using Curve objects (Bezier or NURB), with a Bevel Object (must also be a Curve object) to get the thickness, then adding hooks (use Hook Modifiers with target objects such as empties or bones), or shapekeys to move them around?

That might just work for you. I have no time to do one just now, but may have in the next few days if you are still struggling.

Cheers, Clock.

Few free samples on the blender cloud - no subscription needed but you are welcome to join :wink:
Blender Cloud Art Gallery: Grease Pencil from Daniel M. Lara AKA Pepeland

enjoy & have fun

Thanks so much guys. Exactly the help I needed.