line around image render?

hey guys, i’m having a little problem with saving transparent images.

say, i render an object with a blue background behind it (in this case, I’ll just use the standard box):

everything looks good, right? so i save it as a transparent PNG. every turns out ok, but if you look at the image below, you see a blue outline. this iws the render background. it saves with transparency, but it still outlines the render with whatever the background color is.


if anyone knows how to fix this, i’d appreciate it.

marty jones

You have OSA turned on. OSA is an antiailasing function. What it does is take adjacent pixels and sort of average them to blend lines and make edges appear smooth. So Blender is averaging the gray of the cube with the blue of the bg to make it appear smooth.

One option is to disable OSA, but this will give you sharp edges. The other option is to change the world color to a color you wouldn’t mind having around the cube as much.


yeah, that’s what i did for my renders. that’ll work, i guess i was just hoping for a solution, but hey, you can’t win every time! i set it to white, as i’m making corporate style logos. thanks for the explantion Laurifer.