Line boil with nodes (making animation look hand made)

I’m finally making the move to blender 2.8x Bit different from 2.76, which got me to thinking.

One of the main reasons 3d cg attempting to look like traditional animation is the shapes are too perfect.


Is it possible using nodes to distort to each frame to give the generated lines some line boil? I figured out how to do it with modifiers but I feel this method quite clunky and would require a second (but relatively quick) render pass. I’d like to see if I could make it a click and done sort of deal.

The jitter isn’t too great because it is just a cloud texture from blender with a cyclic 3 frame image sequence of it being rotated 90 degrees in mspaint, but you get the idea. If you got some action going on reducing the frames drastically or dropping a few in a standard 30fps might also help achieve a more cel animation effect.