line drawn be physically

I have an object “A” and thrown, and an object “B” cast, I have a script that draws a line from “A” until “B” to simulate a rope, but this line does not conflict with anything, it goes through within all other objects, how to have the line drawn react physically and bend when striking something?

The line drawn is just that. A line that is a row of glowing pixels.
If you want it to collide try making it an actual object (useing python to add verticies, scale etc)

you can:
add an object(your rope) and make its size 1.
in Python: set the Position to point one,
alignAxistoVect to point two and scale according to [point one].getDistanceTo([point two])
That worked atleast for me.

Hey Heijulien , can u make a .blend example for me?

but in this example , the line is not physic