line from the center of an object always present

I have a line coming from the center of my character, and it’s always present, no matter wich object i have selected. I don’t know why. Look at the picture. It’s about a imported model.

I use Blender sporadically. And i just remember how to move the center to the mesh. I always do that after importing. But that line, i don’t remember to deal with it before.

btw: is there a way to move the center manually instead of automatically?


It shows there is a relationship between two objects. Perhaps one is parented to the other?

EDIT - In 2.5 the object’s centre is know as its Origin

Object - Transform - Origin to Geometry, or to 3D Cursor

I don’t think there is any way to drag just the centre, but you can place the cursor precisely and move the centre to it.

To prevent relationship lines being displayed
Blender 2.49 - View / View Properties, deselect Display / Relationship Lines
Blender 2.5 - keyboard N (Properties window) under Display, untick Relationship Lines

Great. Worked. Thanks both!