Line in the Pole when at distance why ?

Well I modeled this and I was so proud of it until I got a view of it in game from a distance it doesnt have a black seem and I dont know what I am doing wrong XD. It seems to be on the seams of the uv texture… but I have them seamless when looking at it close why does it do it at a distance ?

Problem In Game

The Texture & Uv Map Layout

It’s mipmapping that’s causing the texture to slightly bleed into the black area on your texture. You can just size down the UV-texture to fix this, I think.

I scaled down to 256 x 256, up 1024 x 1024 and nothing, I also tried switching tons of diffrent options and got nothing so far T.T whyyyyyyyyyyy T.T

You do not need to resize the texture itself.

You need to make sure your UV is a bit smaller than the texture image or in other words the texture should not stop at the UV edges.
You need a bit overlap.

The mip mapping is mixing multiple pixels of the texture ignoring the UV edges. That means it takes the black from the space between your UV shapes to calculate the color of the edges.

If I look at your texture, there is no reason to waste teh space with black. Just continue the texture over the UV edges. That should help.

BTW. This is a common problem for Skyboxes/Skyspheres.

Monster is correct. The problem isn’t in texture size, but in UV-map size.

Is their a way to avoid this issue while texture painting ? like a way it paints extra over the sides of the uv ? and by chance what levels you recommend it if is a option ?

anyone ? XD is there a way to avoid this with texture painting so dont have to go in after and fix it up alot by chance ?

You might want too look if there isa mergin for texture paining. It is a while ago that I used that and I never looked for such things.

I got it it is the param “Bleed” in the paint panel in 2.49. I do not know here it is in 2.5.

np I am a 2.49 user =) ty looks like max bleed is 8