Linear and Bezier Interpolation issue


This might look dumb (And probably is:P) But I can’t find a way to simply put an interpolation mode that will start in Linear interpolation and end up easing out without having to go modify the handles in the Graph Editor.
Example of what I am used to:
Take a cube
Put a key at frame 0 in Linear Interpolation
Put a key in auto (Maya background) or Bezier or one of the multiple easing by strength option at frame 100
Then I will have a cube that starts like if it was already moving (Linear powa!!!) and ease out slowly to a stop, directly from the Dopesheet or Timeline.

I’m a Layout artist so having rough Animation is what i need, playing in the graph Editor to tweak each handle is a nightmare :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let me know if there is an easy solution to this :slight_smile: I checked quickly on the forum but haven’t found one yet.

Thanks a lot!


If all your handles that you want linear are at frame 0, all you have to do is select everything you want affected, go to frame 0, ctrl k to select all keyframes at cursor, v->vector. Don’t have to do it on each key individually.

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Hi Bandages! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply! I had seen this answer in another thread but had tried quickly and wasn’t able to make it work. when trying again, I found out that your solution works if the interpolation stays in Bezier on the first key (I was setting it to Linear as I wanted it to be Linear, but I’ll dig more into the Handle type on my side)

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: