Linear Animation

I’ve noticed that when you animate a model’s position, rotation, etc., it accelerates and decelerates as it follows its path. This really looks nice, most of the time, but at times I would like to be able to make the object move at a constant speed from beginning to end. Is there any way to turn the acceleration on/off, or better yet, determine how much/how long an object accelerates?

of course there is my friend.

it is called IPO’s , IPO’s are interpolation curves , they are lines wich show changes in time of parameters in your case location right ?

well , i could explain it but is better if you check the official stuff :

yep !

Probably you just need linear changes: go to SR:1, select your object, hit “A” over the window on the right side of the screen to select all of the points. Then hit… I think it’s “T”, and choose “linear”.

¿ SR 1 ?

whats dat ?

Thanks, Giorgio! I figured out how to adjust the shape of the IPO curves (press Tab while your cursor is in the IPO window, and drag the handles), so now I can make things move linearly, really curved, or however. But . . .

I have to manually adjust it for each keyframe, which is a bit of a bother when you have a lot of things animating. J09, it sounds like whatever you were talking about could make it a lot easier. It’d be nice if I could make all of an objects animation linear with a single click, or hotkey. But what is SR:1?

Select an IPO curve or curves then (still in the IPO window) do Tkey->Linear.

if your using a rig, just select all ur action dots. (thats wat i call em) and all ur bones in posemode. (press a)
then in the action window, press key>interpolation> constant. to go back to acelerated click bezier, to have the snap motion where theres no tweening, press constant

Thanks, CD38 and RANKN67! Exactly what I was looking for! Just didn’t know where to look . . . :spin: :slight_smile: