lineing up background images to referance point.

I have 3 Images and i want to line then all up at 1 point so when I add vetecies they are actually at the spot i want them to be in the image as opposed to out in the middle of no where.


In 2.4x series you can assign diferent images but only to different window regions not different alignment views.

If your using 2.5 then this are way easier:

im useing the 2.49. not the alpha. And i am useing 3 different views Front Side and Back i found a tutorial that i could understand that you for the information about the beta i might switch over to it.

Under the View menu, open the background image dialog. Tell it to use a background image, load the image, adjust the controls to align the image. Repeat for other windows.

let me expand on what Spacetug said:

when you add your images, I’d suggest using some sort of temporary measuring object such as a cube, but modified to fit the key elements of the reference image. then all that’s left is to resize the images to match the other using your Measuring object as reference :slight_smile:

I first learned this in Jonathan Williamson’s “Modelling a Porsche” tutorial series, and it works really well :smiley:

Tnx for you help guys i got my model lined up and made This is my first ever experience with 3d. Here she is. It was a little bit harder then i explained it though. I used thease as reference images. and this one too these images are not proportioned correctly at all i had to do lots of photoshoping and i barely even used the back view.