LINER Tool for Blender

Hi. In this demo video, I have shown the features and settings of the new tool LINER that I created for Blender 3.3x. The download link is in the video description.

“This tool is designed to make great magic/sci-fi outlines for the Text/Shape and to get some functionality of After-Effect in Blender. You can make amazing graphics and titles with the help of this tool with full artistic control in Blender.”

Happy Noding … :slight_smile:


Looks great!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you :pray: :star_struck:

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Hello Kuldeep Singh,

I bought your addon some time ago, but had no time to really test it. Now I have a project where it could be nice to use.
Is it possible to make the following effect: A staight line appears out of the dark with the liner addon and then just stays glowing.

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Thanks for buying the LINER Tool. Yes, it is possible. I explained that in the demo video: If you still need some help then please let me know :slight_smile: