Lines are blurring

bionics are bluring the lines between man and machine.

from smartphones, to prostetic limbs, the future… is cybernetic.

Reminds me of the game deus ex Human revolution.

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ok, context added?

The one thing that I think that Star Trek got wrong is legacy humans being the space faring type two life form. Many scientists (even skeptics) are suggesting that AI may not take centuries to develop and then be rare. So there may be lots of Datas by then. The types of technologies that result from prosthesis are showing competitive advantage and may be used for that reason alone. Why should Geordy have a monopoly on super human vision? The lines are also blurring between personal opinion and Google search results. We may be more like the Borg… or like 7 of 9. This is just speculation of course.

That being said, “resistance is futile”.

We may be more like the Borg… or like 7 of 9. This is just speculation of course.

Considering that there’s a school of thought that states the idea of humans essentially being fleshy robots (as Dilbert from the local comics section puts it so eloquently), it’s probably not a stretch that some will go for broke and replace their humanity completely with something more or less artificial (ie. becoming an actual machine controlled by some mainframe via the cloud).

However, many are probably more open to bionic enhancements that can improve things like vision, hearing, or memory. The barriers though would be that any cybernetic implant must not cause any harm to the wearer should it break down somehow, nor should it be a part of the incoming ‘internet of things’ paradigm (can you imagine the idea of computer viruses now being capable of killing you)?

That is a real concern. One we should definitely worry about according to the opinions of many AI researchers.

A lot of them are cognitive scientists as well. The general assumption is that the competitive advantage would entice the bulk of the population toward enhancement. There are a great deal of concerns with that as well. With every revolution there has been societies that do not participate though. Many are concerned about whether or not there will be advocacy for humans.

What I consider a bible for these sort of questions is ghost in the shell,

they make AI that dont know they are not human,
there are humans who act like AI,

the truth is, these lines were going to blur eventually no matter what,
we are essentially a collection of conflicting ideas and needs, and a central authority that evaluates these impulses.

you can hit some one in the head in the right spot and destroy their morals…

look it up.

Lines are more & more dividing!

There’s only one intelligence… getting messy day by day
For the privileg(g)ed only :D… yes, because if the talker would be giving a presentation out of a wheel chair, he would not be considered as an apt human… and presentation would be a failure. Dictator still rules.

Could we just strike this comment, rather than closing the whole thread?

Censor yourself. Who are you ‘we’? Multiple person disorder… stereotyped personality?
It’s just a different point of view, birds of pray VS bull frog… ;). Have some tolerance of mind.
Must everything be as applauding suggests?
Can’t you see the selective minds playing game on life, evolution & nature? Does intelligence not posses a mercy or love or tendency to explore an unknown form, different of the one defined & dictated as proper by the rule of the aesthetics?

IMO, lines are not blurring but dividing even further! And the article is misleading. That’s all i stated. No need to go off topic, 'cuz i’d really like to understand the wealth of material being vs. the greatness of mind.
Should elderly in developed world run, while same entity denies the existence of disabled wonder child? It is still almost same plot as The Merchant of Venice.

Talking about AI, while populus does not even comprehend a principal of intelligence. Remember it is still a theory. So we must debate and argue to evolve…

… to continue i would advise an ‘intelligent’ remark.
Although, if moderators see it as unproductive or flammable?
On second thought, keep stuck in your blurry mind… i’m off.

That was obviously a political comment. Thanks for killing the thread.

the topic here is cybernetic upgraded humans,

and the future that is coming,

lets try and talk about undoing disablilty via technology

I am thinking the refus cuff, could be used as a augmented communication device for children with non verbal autism.

this is part of the reason I want BGE 4 android.

I want to develop Augmented communication and give it away
that is open source and easily modified

the most common used tech is Proloquo2Go and its 259$$ us
and only runs on ipad, pushing it out of easy reach.

I want BGE ACS to be free and run on old unwanted android tech

this way people could customize it on the pc, and publish and push to the phone in like 10 minutes.

Or just use genetic engineering, use viruses to replace malfunctioning genes with a healthy version throughout every cell. It would be much less intrusive and less hassle in the long term since you’re not sticking computer chips in places like the brain.

If there was the option to use a completely biological method to upgrade, would you prefer that?

I think both is best, genetics are good, but you cant grow a GPU yet,

Who ever mentioned the idea of using genetics to grow computer hardware?

If you can fix a problem genetically with a gene-carrying virus, then the treatment is no more intrusive than an injection or two. Turning someone into a cyborg meanwhile will require very extensive (and expensive) surgery and a rather long recovery time.

Both genetic engineering or cybernetic implant may include nano machines that are taken orally or through surgery, they will be largely indistinguishable from ordinary medicine of today.

I think at which point it’d be like present day human deciding on how to tackle their problem with eye sight, whether its putting on augmented devices such as glasses or lens or fixing them with Lasik, I believe cost and complexity is the prime factor into deciding which is best, whether in the future or present.

So on topic, I seriously doubt a person need prosthetic arms or legs to be defined as cyborg, those things have been around since medieval times albeit yes without modern day cpu :slight_smile:

I personally think the real question is how far should technology penetrate and become a part of our daily lives are we then regarded as cyborg? As technically speaking we are living in one of the largest cyber-organism symbiotic relationship never before seen on earth with the internet itself and it is growing its influence ever more so on our everyday lives(news,stocks,weather and APPS/ADDS)

Under modern day perception and definition, a cyborg is still largely functioning with a human brain, so I’m begging for answers to the next question “when mind live outside the body/brain” as that is when one truly had discarded his/her last ounce of humanity and become something else… are those considered a cyborg too?

The article itself

Sorry for double posting but while I’m at it I also wanted to bring this into light as they are quite often different sides of the same coin

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

How advanced do we need to get before the line between technology and magic are blurred?:smiley:

David Chalmers has an opinion on that subject.