Lines in my 3d object

i had to subdevide some lines to connect them hitting f to tune my modeling.
But the lines i subdevided are visible as outlines. How can i solve it?!

First of all, it’s hard to figure out what you were trying to accomplish. Is that a hand?

its an bunny ear :sweat_smile: But can you help me?

Is this a render, or just the design screen? Make sure that all surface-normals are facing out.

upload the file to analyze it

happy bl

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Sorry for my late reply, i suffered the covids.
I can’t share files only images.
Maybe this screenshot explanes more. Thanks for the help

Do the usual things like “remove doubles” and check the normals to be sure they’re all facing out. Look at the wireframe and see what geometry corresponds to the line. Switch “smoothing” on and off.