Lines in my render

I’m trying to make a texture-only pass for my scene, by enabling shadeless for all materials. And it looks like this:

The floor and ceiling aren’t textured yet, so they should be black. When I turn the Full OSA off the black becomes red, and the lines become black! :expressionless:

The chair has normal textures, and the wall is uv-mapped. The lines didn’t appear until I uv-mapped the wall. Is this a bug?

All materials set to Full OSA
OSA 16
no raytracing
Blender 2.34 Intel optimized

Thanks in advance!

hi egg

if I were you I would try to render it with NON optimized build, I think I have heard that optimized for Intel can make artifacts in the renders, but then I am not sure, but just to test things, try to use a official release of Blender and see if you can solve the issues…


Thanks for the tip. The white lines disappeared, and now there’s only one red line. I’ll try to remove it in post-processing, but I’m wondering if this is a problem with my computer or a bug in Blender.

if you used my build than it’s most likly my build and NOT a bug in blender.

well… up to now i havent had any trouble with my build, but i am not using a lot of blender’s funtions for rendering :frowning:

me = n00b