lines in the game engine..

it has a material and a texture
before the texture its ok… kinda looks like material is coming through texture

You could also add padding to the UV map, which make it look even better. Basically you just extend the texture further out, and you’ll get the same result as Micah’s.

Monster even mentions that in the thread he posted.

hmmm i did this… i was baking ao and i put 10 pixles between the uv islands and made the ao bake a few pixels out of the uv borders
still got it. im not at my main computer ill have to show ya when i get to it

Monster explained the cause and some fixes for this problem pretty well, but just incase anybody is still having trouble here is the method I use sometimes to fix the problem

The goal is to avoid any sharp contrast in colors at the edge of the uvs (for example going from a skin color straight to black). I use three layers to accomplish this.

  1. The texture layer. self explanatory, the texture itself (with an alpha channel, only the uv areas should have textures painted on them).

  2. The “fade” layer. this is the layer i use to fade out the sharp color edges (use the color picker to select an area near the edge and get the color, then use a soft brush and paint a small area around the edge.

  3. The solid color layer, this is the layer that i fill with a general color that fits well with the entire image (for instance a skin color for a skin texture). This helps out with the fading of the color differences made with the fade layer.

I usually go 1, 3, then 2 when making the layers, because for some textures you wont even need the fade layer if you can get the solid color layer to be close to most of the edges in the the texture layer. In my example pic below, I have to use a fade layer because their are gray and dark brown colors mixed in with the skin color. For textures such as a normal map where it is almost all purple, putting a purple solid color layer underneath will be enough.

I probably didn’t explain this too well and the example pic is crappy using a even more crappy texture(making this at 6am haven’t slept yet), but I’ll clarify any confusing parts if needed. Hope this helps.