Remember, the adverb of interest here is fluently. I’d rather not have to stress that but I’ve had lots of people tell me they speak four or five languages, and later on find out they only know a few words and phrases. %| So on with it, then! Are you a cunning linguist? :o vaguely wonders if that remark crosses the boundaries of good taste…hmmm…yep, tastes good!

To answer my own question, I speak two: English (obviously), and norsk (that’s Norwegian to most of you). I’ve also started to learn Spanish due to the fact that half of my coworkers are Mexican immigrants who speak the smallest bit of English, if any at all.


I can only speak English fluently, but I speak French “okay.”

I can speak English and Estonian fluently, but I also understand a little bit of finnish(similar to estonian) and russian

English and french fluently.


bilingual… hebrew+english

french, english, dutch :slight_smile:

dutch and english fluently.

Spanish (duh) and English, fluently. I also know a bit of French.

Latvian, German, English, Russian.

only english fluently, and ruff spanish.

Wait a second, I’m confused, wasn’t there a post EXACTLY like this like a day ago? Why don’t you just post in it? It’s not like it’s even old or something.

For the record I speak English and bad French.

English and Pig Latin.

Fluently? In my case … well … I didn’t see a zero in the poll so I couldn’t vote :-?

I’m fluent in English and Jibberish. I can also speak some French, German, and a bit of Spanish.

Some yiddish words. ( you know the necessary ones :wink: ) Pig latin and english

I’m guessing you mean this thread, since I couldn’t find anything recent pertaining to this subject. So the answer to your question is no, since that thread dealt specifically with Japanese (and was, in fact, the inspiration for this poll).


I speak English (good day), American (howdy), Scottish (och aye the noo), Australian (g’day myte), Irish (top o’ the morning to ya), Canadian (get off my beaver… stoopid mountie wannabe) and a little French too (couche avec moi ce soir slap + knee in balls non?? Merde).

Fluently… only french, I’m not so bad with english but I’m searching for the right word to use oftenly.

And a few word in atikamekw.

I only speak Frenglish.

I forgot… I speak gibberish(fluently)