Lining up displacement map

Working in Blender 2.83 and Evee, I have created a simple plane and given it two materials whose distributions are controlled by a black & white PNG map.

Then I made a duplicate of the same map, gave it a different name and tried to use it as a displacement map. However, as you can see, both the scale and the orientation of the displacement do not match the material, even though they are using identical PNG maps.

I tried using the same map for both, but that led to even more bizarre results, which is why I used two differently-named maps. I can’t find any controls to tell the displacement to line up with the materials.

I have attached both a JPG file and the Blender file for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for any clues.ROAD & GRASS PAINTING.blend (3.1 MB)

You have to pack your textures File> External Data > Pack All Into .blend.

Although, why do you have the displacement > direction set to custom normal and the displacement > texture coordinate set to object? The image is using UV’s by default if you don’t connect the vector input to anything. They would not line up in that case.

ROAD & GRASS PAINTING_local.blend (3.0 MB)

Texture Properties > Mapping > Flip Axes is toggled on as well. If I use one image for both the displacement and the texture then they line up. Don’t understand quite what your doing but that seems to solve the problem your talking about.

A59303 - Thank you very much. Some of my settings may have been the result of my desperate attempts to solve the problem by clicking on every setting I could find. You have solved it and I now am able to use the same PNG map for both color and displacement. Thanks again.

Fantastic. Yeah, lotta buttons. Good Luck.