Lining up Vertices in a straight line?

Ok, I’ve searched around quite a bit but can’t find anything on it. How would I go about lining up a group of vertices in a perfectly straight line? Manually entering the numbers for their X, Y and Z coordinates would be really nice too if that’s possible.

Here’s a picture to give you a better idea, I want it go to from the messy line on the left to a straight line on the right.

I’ve tried to flatten the faces the vertices were on by selecting them all, then scaling them to 0 on the axis of choice. While it did seem to make an improvement it’s still rather unstraight in many areas.

The model is question is based on a sphere. In short, I want to have two sides of the sphere flat and perfectly squared while the rest is still rounded, sort of a cube sphere mix. Hope that makes sense. If this can be done it would greatly help me in many other future projects.


Try the scale to 0 trick, only use face select mode… should work for you

Already tried that :/.

scaling a group of vertices to 0 in one axis should do the trick.
U can hold Ctrl while scaling (it will make the value step by 0.1) to get exactly 0.