link 2 properties

how can I link an object to an other object’s property? :slight_smile:
(need it to let one object controll another) :slight_smile:

thx already :wink:

Easy, select the two objects, or more, and link the necessary Logic bricks, between them, ex:
“ObjectCube” - Collision Sensor -> AND - “ObjectSphere”- Property Actuator - property “health” = value -1

thx, 2nd problem: I gotta link them between 2 scenes and now I dont know how to select them both :stuck_out_tongue:

nevermind, already put both in one scene. still thx for the help :slight_smile:

if you hold shift you can select more than one scene

Doesnt work with me, already tried that also wih link object etc.

To “pass data” between scenes, you must use the “message Sensor and Actuator”.

works, thx a lot :slight_smile: