link a flipped mirror half of an object??


I searched the forum but I always find an explanation I knew but doesn’t work (anymore)
I’m completely confused so please help.
I want to make a mirrored half of an object and it must be linked, so that if one halve is changed the mirrored part also will change. I know it could be done but it doesn’t work with the keystrokes I know.

All the keystrokes to achieve this don’t work in the latest blender 2.34.
For example if I Alt-D to make a linked copy and want to flip that half in edit mode both halfs are flipped (logical)

How can I get mirrored and flipped halfs which are linked



In blender 2.34 all you have to do is hit ctrl+m to mirror it the way you want. I think you have to be out of edit mode to do it though. Hope that helps.


Thanks, that did the trick.