Link a logicbrick from scene to another

(jeotero) #1

I have a scene called “RUN” and i also have another scene called “display”
Im using the “display” scene as an overlay scene of “RUN”.

Now my question is:
I want that when a collision happens in “RUN” i want to execute an ipo in scene “display”.
Is there anyway of doing this by linking the logicbricks of the different scenes (i know this can be done with messages, but i would like to do it directly)

Sorry about the english,


(saluk) #2

No, this is what messages are for. This kind of situation is perfect for messages.

You could try it by linking the object from the display to the game scene (select it and press ctrl-L) linking the logic bricks, then deleting the local copy on the game scene, but I have a feeling all this will do is crash blender.

(jeotero) #3

thanks for the reply, guess I need to continue using messages :slight_smile: