Link a new mesh to an existing IPO curve

I am unable to determine if this is even possible; it seems that it should be.

I have followed the “Universal Studios Logo Tutorial” by Jeremy Brooks. In this tut, text is added, converted to a mesh, and warped, and an IPO curve is inserted to animate the warping.

I want to add more text meshes on different layers to experiment with fonts, and utilize the IPO curve created earlier.

Can someone give me clues to link these data together?

These buttons (Ipo window header) might do the trick:

Thanks, tolobán, for the nice picture and the hint. I have tried using these copy and paste keys and nothing happened. Also, I have read documentation of their description and use, but still no joy. My IPO to be linked to a second object is of type, SHAPE and has two channels, like this:

How do I link this IPO to another object?