Link/Append Function

Please tell me if I am using the (Link/Append) function correctly.

I want to link/append an eye from one .blend file to another .blend file. here’s what I am doing. please tell me if this is the correct procedure?

  1. I select the eye.blend file
  2. I then select the “Object” folder and select the 2 objects I want to append.
  3. I then select the “Material” folder and select the materials I want to append.
  4. and finally select the “Texture” folder and select the textures I want to append.

Is this the correct procedure?

Also, I’m just wondering is there is a way to select the Object(s) and have the materials and textures load with the Object(s) instead of selecting them separately, or is this not possible in Blender yet like it is in other apps?

Finally, is there any difference between Link/Append? I’ve heard they’re the same so why 2 different functions?

no need for steps 3 and 4; when you pull in an object the mat-tex come with it.

the two functions, append vs link, are completely different uses. see wikifor explanation.

Thanks PapaSmurf. I didn’t realize the difference between Link/Append so thanks for pointing that out? :slight_smile: