Link/Append Instance Groups

Hi, I am starting to learn blender again since all the changes to the user interface and new features have appeared following development from 2.49

I was looking at the Link/Append options and there is an “Instance Groups” option, I have searched the Wiki and Google but can’t find an example of where this would be used.

I am probably being too inquisitive, but if anyone can help explain it, it would be much appreciated.


With ‘Instance Group’ selected, it’ll place the linked group immediately in 3dview. Having it unselected, it won’t place it in 3dview (only works with linking in). You can add it through Shift+A -> Group Instance. Or choose it as the duplication for an empty.

an example would be to link in both a high poly & low poly version of an environment, but you don’t want to have both versions visible immediately.

This video from Colin Levy (during Sintel) shows nicely:

Thanks Sago

Thats helped my understanding tremendously. A very useful feature for complex productions.