Link/Append Problem

I have a feeling there’s an easy fix to this so I’ll keep it simple: when I link/append an object from one file to another, the object successfully imports but is outlined in white (instead of yellow) and is completely uneditable. I can’t move it, resize it, or anything even though it still shows up in the render. Is there a step I’m missing? The object is essentially three simple cylinders joined together, two of which are different colors. That’s it, no texturing or anything.

When you link an object it will reference its original file. So you have to make changes in that file instead. As far as I know. So you can’t edit a linked object in anything but it’s original .blend. You can duplicate it though and then make changes.

you have to proxy the object, in object mode> object> make proxy (ctrl alt p)

Creating a proxy seems to have done the trick, the outline turns yellow and I can move it around. I’m still unsure why I have to do that because I’ve linked objects from other projects before without having to create a proxy. Either way, at least I’ve got a solution. Thanks!

Hey I’m new to blender but I had the same exact problem. Append something and it would add into the scene with a blue/white outline instead of the normal orange/yellow outline.

My problem was fixed once I realized that I had several hidden objects at the origin where I was trying to add this new object. I guess I hit ‘H-key’ on accident a few times and thought it was deleted.

In the 'Outliner" window look over which objects you need and which are hidden by mistake.
If you delete the objects that you dont need, then you should be able to append/link another blender object into your window and be able to edit it.

You might not have the same problem as me but I just wanted to let you know how I found my solution.