Link/Append Problems

So on this model I’m making I want to copy only /part/ of another model to recycle it (the hands in this case). However, when I link, or append, doesn’t matter which I try, I /cannot/ enter edit mode, even when I make it local, and no matter how many times i click on edit mode. I can go into sculpt mode, but not edit. This is a problem obviously. Is there a way to enter edit mode?

With link, you won’t be able to enter in edit mode, it’s normal.
On the other hand, when you append an object, you are supposed to be able to edit it in edit mode especially if you can edit it in sculpt mode.
Perhaps a screen shot or a blend file could help to find the problem.

Ah, I see. I think my computer was just being retarded. After a restart it worked. xD

:slight_smile: it sounds weird but I’m glad to see you solved your problem.