Link armature to mesh with existing vertex weights?

Hi. I’m relatively new to Blender, but I’ve created a character which I’m now trying to rig. Because I want to use some of the Mixamo animations, I have to specify my skeleton in a certain way which, to be honest, isn’t great as the structure doesn’t lend itself very well to automatic vertex weights.

I’m not great at vertex weight painting (yet) but I was wondering if I could create a skeleton which does lend itself to good auto vertex weighting, apply that to my mesh but then swap in the ‘other’ armature and for the vertex weights to be the same. Is this possible?

Hope that makes sense!

I think I’ve just answered my own question - it is possible. When you reparent the ‘old’ armature, you just choose Parent->Armature Deform and it keeps the weights from the previous skeleton. Excellent!