Link Belt Crane

Hi guys! I would like to share my latest work.

I used “Pro-Lighting : Skies” and “The Grass Essentials” from Blender Guru

Made with Blender and rendered with Cycles.

The model is very clean and I did not use dirty textures since my client wanted a brand new product look.

Full-res renders :

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Outstanding work, Sebastian! The model looks very realistic and the environment supports it well. Really nice lighting and materials.
By the way, did you see my reply to your question on my 3d scanning thread?

Thank you James! Actually I did not :frowning: I forgot to check and I did not subscribe to the thread, I will check immediately. Thank youu! :slight_smile:

Awesome and realistic product. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Very nice model and render. Can I drive it?

Very good stuff. A couple of things:
The grey tank under vehicle stands a bit out in looking flat and “plasticy” (maybe it’s real for all I know though). Even just some noise thrown at it would probably do. Maybe it’s just the lighting, but edges doesn’t seem to catch light (same object).
Also, the background could be a bit more blurred. Maybe you already calculated camera settings F stop values and went with that.

But yeah, I don’t have anything else. Well done.

Well done, maybe missing some small details but i guess there were time constrains.
What’s at the front end of the crane?

Wow! This is amazing Sebastian. Now I do have a question, how is the Grass Essentials and how long did it take for the grass to render? I have the demo of the Pro-Light and I absolutely love it.

Again, great render :slight_smile:


Thank you Carl, yes I agree with you, I didn’t dedicated time at all to that tank. I had a very tight time frame :frowning:
Regarding the background I tried some F-stop values and that was the best for my taste, I didn’t wanted it to look too blurred because then everything was gonna look tiny, you know what I mean hehe

Indeed. I would liked to add those details, I love details!! But, definitely there were time constraints :frowning:


Thank youu!!!

Sure! Please keep it clean, I need it for the whole training course video haha :slight_smile:

Thank you very much gmmonllor!

The grass essentials is great!! I recently discovered and I love the fact that you can change a lot of features of the grass in the properties panel without changing the materials manually and that saved me a lot of time.

I don’t have an answer for that since every machine is different and I rendered also the model with the scene however my render took 1 hour at 3000 samples.

Yes, Pro-Lighting is awesome!


Here’s a clay render :slight_smile:

Wow, excellent realism! I honestly thought at least the ground and background were a photo.
Great stuff.

Excellent modeling, attention to detail and rendering.
The setting is very convincing, with the partial dirt/rock/grass area in where it sits. For the size of the vehicle, and the implied ‘flexibility’ of the soil, I would expect to see the tires ever so slightly sink into the ground, and the tires show a bit of bulge.

In this photo, the rear tire has a slight bulge - - the front not so much.

Thank you man! hehe

Thank you Michel! I agree “sink into the ground” but not bulge. Those wheels are very resistant, believe me, I got lot of references :stuck_out_tongue: