Link .blend files to assemble a car PROBLEM

I am working on a car model.
I have modeled one tire, rim, brake, etc.
As I understand, I can assemble all the .blend files into a single .blend file that references all the other objects. The problem I am having is how to move the linked objects to their proper location in the assembly. The tire will need to appear in (4) locations however it comes in where it was modeled in world space and I can’t find a way to move it. See the attached file with a tire under the center of the car.
How do you move and manipulate the linked objects in the new file?


Go back to each file and line them up in order by the location of the part. Save the files and then append them from each file to put them together.

I had the same problem. here is the solution i found.

To move, do Alt- D on the mesh and use the copy: you can move it an place it where you want. It will be updated according to you linked file.

I just put the linked mesh (the one you can’t move) in another layer because i don t now if i can erase it. If you test it give me feedback :slight_smile: