link buttons bug?

(stephen2002) #1

This is a very strange bug. I often want to movea large number of objects (30+) that I have just imported and want to move to another scene. I usually can do this by box selecting everything and pressing Ctrl-L and then linking it to another scene and deleting the objects out of the current scene. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not.

When it dosn’t work, I box select the objects and then pressing Ctrl-L does nothing. I then have to manually select every single object :x and then press Ctrl-L and link them up as normal.

Anybody else had this problem? any way around it? I am using v2.22, but the glitch was in v1.8 as well.

(Goofster) #2

I dont think its a bug. the problem is, if you box select objects, you dont get an Active object as it is called. try to box select and then manually select one object.


(stephen2002) #3

thanks, that makes sence as to why it would work sometimes and not others.