Link clothed character

I have a character with the cloth setup so that it responds correctly. When I append it, no problem, but if I link it, cloth no longer collides with the body (but pinned vertices still follow the armature once I animate its proxy). any suggestion?

I just noticed a link issue with an animated mesh I was using as a dupligroup in the particle system. I assumed it was a bug in the particle system, but now, seeing this post, perhaps the problem is in the linking of external assets.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Didn’t anybody use a linking workflow with a clothed character from an external library? I just need a confirmation that it can be done.

I verified my guess that append link with particles is indeed broken.

It wouldn’t suprise me if cloth or softbodies is broken as well.

Could you point me to the bug tracker ticket detailing the problem to find out if it could be that. I’m not sure since in my case, appending causes no problem at all, only linking.

I don’t know anything about bug tracking or submission, sorry.

From the bug tracker:

  1. Add a cube, make it part of a group, and add a particle system to it.
  2. Add an empty and use DupliGroup to instance the cube.
  3. Move the empty to a new location.
  4. Run the animation so that there are particles on both the cube and its instance.
  5. Preview render both cubes - while particles show up in the 3d window on the instance, none are rendered.
    If this was your bug (if not, there are other reports about particles), it has already been submited by someone, but there is no evidence of a bug in my case yet, I’ll try to isolate and simplify the problem.

EDIT: I tried with a simplified file, neither linking cloth object nor activating cloth on the proxy of a linked object seems to work. Can anybody confirm that before I report?