Link collections not at world center [SOLVED[

Im wondering how you can link collections from other files without them getting an of centered empty. Ive had this issue alway with groups as well and never found a solution. I tended to alway place them at 0,0,0

BUt i saw this BCON vid fram Daniel Bystedt today and he seems to be able to link them and have a centered empty

How is this possible?

Here’s my simple test file
Assets_props.blend (695.6 KB) Asset link test.blend (601.9 KB)

OKay so easy fix, never new about this option. It seems you can of set the cursor. Im still watching the video, so i noticed how he did it. :slight_smile:

nice, thats was fast fix :slight_smile:

PS why does this not have a button, use offset???

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Thanks for creating this Topic and your solution! :wink:
I asked myself the exact same thing and watched the exact same video a few weeks ago, wondering how he did the trick.

To use the offset make sure to set it from the 3D cursor in your asset-file and everything works just fine, when you link your assets to the main scene.


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What does offset from cursor do actually? I mean an object has an origin, I don’t see a connection dto offset cursor?

You have to set the collections origin manually. A collection itself does not have an origin, but the meshes in that collection have. Nevertheless you have to set the point, where you want to have your origin, when importing the collection into a secondary scene.

To do it set the 3D-cursor to the point you want and set the offset from that cursor. Make sure to do it it in your asset file.

When importing the collection in another file Blender will respect the predefined offset and will place it the way you want it to.

Hope you understand my explanation. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I think I remember it now. It’s the 3dcursor in the asset file. If you use collections to link you can only do that once right?

So if link multiple collections from an asset file, than it’s better to center everything to world I guess. Or do use world offset per collection than as offset from cursor? I’m not behind computer now so I’m trying to make sense of it thinking out loud

Okay checked it again. Its bit fuzzy. You select your collection > Cursor to Selected > Collections > Set Offset from Cursor

Thats quite some steps. I wish it had something like “Set to Local Center Collection”. Though the first does give you freedom where the link collections “origin” will be set