Link Dupli-Groups and Append misbehavior

Hi everyone.

Please try it, Link one group (could be a simple cube) in a new blender file, it will linke as Dupli-Group (instancing). After try to Append the same object (now appending the object not the group), the append will behave like a link no as normal Append (here is the error, I think).

If I make it local, the two objects become local no matter what I do, I think its a misbehavior, somebody could tell me?

Hi, I already reported it as a bug in the past:
The issue is known to the developers and it is on their TODO list, but I think it does not have a high priority. If you find a good workaround let me know.

The best workaround I found is, create a copy of the Blend File that will be appended, insert the word ‘append’ to the object name, group name, and mesh name (to make it different to the original one). Append the file, and delete the copy. Done and boring at the same time.

So is it? A bug and a must have workaround?.. Seems that the Link feature in Blender is really broken, it have so many problem that sometimes is hard to see the enlightenment of the tool.

Yes, for now you have to use the workaround. Even thought the linking has its flaws it is still the best way to organize the complex scenes. If you have some other problems post it here. Maybe I can give you a tip for a good workaround. For this issue however I don’t know anything better than what you posted.