Link file at 3D cursor

Hi, all!

As you can see from the picture, I have had (I think) an interesting idea for a “side by side”: showing together an English superdreadnought and a German zeppelin, both from 1915.
As both models are in progress, I want to link the zeppelin to the superdreadnought as an encouragement for me.
Problem : the zeppelin is always linked at coordinates 0, 0, 0, wherever the 3D cursor might be; further, it can’t be moved. I have tried to parent it to an empty, but failed.

How can I link my zeppelin at the 3D cursor’s coordinates ?

Thanks in advance,


use append and you can move it around in your scene.

I can do that, sure. But then what’s the use of “link” ?

A linked object uses all of the source file’s data for that object. In order to locally alter any of that data in the target file, you need to create a proxy of the linked object. This is done with ctrl-alt-p in Object mode. You will then be able to move the linked object however you desire.

Got it, thanks to you both :_)