Link legend of Zelda.

This is something that someone else made in low poly and he gave me permission to edit it.I havent done alot with it yet cause i have been having some girl friend problems and i cant work on it and talk on the phone at the same time.Im going to maybe add a sword an shield like in the game along with a scene.I’m not sure yet.
Thanks Dakka Dakka for letting me practice some sculpting with it!
For the scene i was thinking Hyrule castle.Or i was just thinking way simpler by making him into one of the little statues off of Super Smash Bros Melee.
Dakka Dakkas low poly:

My new one:

What does everyone think?

I think the eyes should be closer to each other. Or only dents between the upper nose and the inner corner of the eye. But maybe you want a more scary face then its perfect :eyebrowlift:

These could help, they are the actual models from the game:D. When you download them you have to set alpha in the uv tab though.

Looks pretty good so far! The eyes could use a subsurf modifier and a pupil. But you probably haven’t got to that part yet. The ears could be a little wider though. And it looks like he eyes are a little too round. Good Luck!

Yeah I was sent that link to the game models a while back and this was what I was able to do with it.

Ok thanks guys.Ill try the links.
I made a bomb from the game to.
Ill post it later kinda busy now.

I have those models from the original games and they rock!, but, you get more satisfaction out if it when you make the models yourself, (plus the mods aren’t very fond of ripped models.)
Here is my Zelda bomb.

Im trying to make models from the Legend Of Zelda Ocarina OF Time.
I have not played the new one.

Ive been trying to make a link too, but im using the game models as reference images, because they arent verry good for animation. ex: when you rotate the torso there is a hole above the belt.

im sorry to say but it just looks like you turned on subsurf.