link materials properties, but not all


I want to try to create a flooring material using different textures.
For example a floor with 10 boards.
every board should use a different texture.
The problem is that I want to be able to change some properties simultaneously for all materials.
for instance the intensity, the specular- light or the mirror reflecivity.
basically a material that uses different textures.


What renderer ?

For cycles you can make a base material and add it to a group node.
You can then use this group for all your materials with other inputs specific to each separate material. If you change anything in the node group it will change for all the other materials that use that node

See simple example attached

For blender render you can do a similar thing with material nodes


node.blend (97 KB)

hello and thanks
This was also my first idea but I had some problems.
1 … how do you copy the group with attributes? alt D does not work. I create a group and put it in the material number two, it does not follow the changes of the original node.
I’m using blender internal
2. in your project if I put textures in the individual materials are not visibly. why?

basically I want to create a system for creating realistic wood floor using many textures