Link only Mesh Data over multiple project files (SOLVED)

Hello guys,

so Im doing a video for University with Blender, its going to be an Smartphone Ad. We need to make multiple Files for that Ad. Now I want to have

  1. File as Database of the Models.
  2. File for the first half of the video
  3. File for the second part of the video.

Now after testing for some hours and searching the web, I still dont get how i can get only the Mesh Data to get linked. I need multiple instances of the same phone model, but with different materials.

When I link an object from my Database file, i get the Model and Materials, but I cant change the position and materials without breaking the link. We need to be able to change the smartphone Mesh later on. I want it to update the mesh If I did any changes AND be moveable/animatable. A bonus would be if the the changed materials stay. How do i do it? Its so frustrating.

I didnt have enough sleep. Instead of linking the object you can link a Mesh. When doing that, you can place an object, like a cube, go to Object Data Properties, press the symbol and choose the imported Mesh.

With that, you can move and rotate the Mesh. you cant move a linked Object however, and this was my problem. I just saw, that in the material Tap, right next to the Name under the list, you can choose from “Data” to “Object”, which lets you decide which Material this instance should get.