Link or Append or... ???

Hi members of the forum. I’m still noob at BGE and was trying to do a small game proyect…

I have done my characters, objects and some levels. But each level need to be in different SCENES, right? so how can I import my objects to different SCENES, or through different files?

Example, I have my “level.blend” and inside I want my character to appear, that is in “character.blend”… but when I make a change in my character inside is own file, to be automatically updated in the level gameplay?

So if in levels I need to appear 20 different objects from other file, and 4 characters… they all need to be Link / Appended on each individual level .blend?

Wish I could explain well my doubt. Thanks for the answers. [And Happy New Year btw] :slight_smile:

You need to link the objects. You can think of linked objects as just references to the original object. Any changes you make to the original object will automatically update in files that link it. The only major caveat is that you need to make sure to include all the files you’ve linked objects from when distributing your game.

Appending on the other hand creates a full copy of the object. This copy is independent from the original and can be modified independently from it.

At the very end, you can make copies local as well, if you need to,

I wouldn’t recommend doing so if your objects are linked in many different scenes/files as this will greatly increase the size of your game.

Yeah, the only reason to do it, is if you need to to make a enemy unique, or item,

Thanks for the very quick & clean answers Mobious and BluePrintRandom. I got when to use each one. Thanks again guys!