Link to character with armature?

Can anyone tell me how to use linking to fetch a character AND the armature from
another file?

I can get the character meshes over (as a link - uneditabe), and can link to the
armature, but I see no way to (a) make the armature visible and active, or (b) to
bind it to the character mesh?

From what I read, I will need a proxy object for the armature, but I can’t figure out
how to get access to it at all (except in the browser).

Clues anyone?


okay export you mesh as a obj…look for it

then import it into your blender file and waaalaaa

you have them together and then you need to parent…

Thanks logunwhite321.

But I guess I was unclear. I’m trying to use “File\Append or Link” to link in (rather than
append) character data and armature data from the (somewhat large) file I built the
character in.

I’m linking the data into another project file that I intend to use to develop animation,
and I want to keep the completed model safe and untouched in the original file.

I’ve made progress. I realised I wasn’t linking in enough data. Specifically the
Armature object was missing.

Linking that and the IPO data got me all the parts I needed, but the mesh didn’t
deform properly.

Saving the file and reloading it appeared to give me what I was after.

I short, I now have what I wanted, but I’m not too sure how I got there! :eek: