Link to mirror for latest Blender releases please

I know there’s a host repository for the latest blender releases. Looking to download Blender 2.53 beta. Could somebody give me a link please? =)

There are a number of mirrors for each operating system on the download page
Other builds can be got from

Thanks, Richard. I just came running back in here to paste a link to for others with the same question. =)

Didn’t realize these USA | Germany | NL 1 | NL 2 were mirrors. I thought they were languages.

This beta with the installer is much better than the build I had from graphicall, even though the build was newer, because I’m sure this will be much more stable.

Some of the newer builds may well be more stable as now its in beta the main focus will be on bug fixes rather than adding additional functionality. Saying that I’ve found the beta to be mostly stable so no harm sticking with that. With the rate of new builds being made you can’t always keep up with the latest so draw a line in the sand and stick with the official beta.