It’s supposed to be Link from Zelda, and hopefully he’ll look a bit like himself when I’m done

I want comments and constructive criticism, please!

I’m not that good of a blender head but it looks good so far m8. I am a BIG fan of the zelda series so I will be watching this thread like a hawk. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see some more progress!


The chin looks ok. Needs to be a bit squared off though, re: the male jawbone shape. Working up, the first immediate problem I can see is that the poly-line across his lips sticks out, giving him a ‘marshmallows in the mouth’ look. His lips aren’t bad, but they don’t have enough shape. That is to say, there are no fold-ins at the corners, and there isn’t the little groove between the nose and the lip.

Which brings us to the nose. It looks a bit too pointy, and he doesn’t seem to have any nostrils. The nose stretches up the length of his face, and–though the brow isn’t completed yet–the nose does not seem to be very well aligned on the y axis with his forehead.

Also, where are his cheek-bones? The whole face needs more form, it’s currently way too square and long. His eyes are huge and set too far apart.

Now, as a final note. I know it’s hard doing organic modelling. <:] It really is, and I had troubles like you wouldn’t believe when I first started. Don’t start with people, is what you should do, start with smaller, less delicate projects, and work up to people when you have a better feel for form and shape, and have worked through topology problems.

By the way, I’m sorry if the critique sounds harsh, but if it helps, I look at my own stuff just as hard.

its true…

BlackBoe have you played any zelda games? Or better yet any roleplaying games with elfs in them?

Link is a wood elf and elves generaly have:

  1. Very pointy chin almost like a girls.
  2. Almost no prominent cheek bones
  3. Very pointy noses.

In many ways its hard to distiguish a male elf from a female one. Although females are generaly shorter. Now I know I sound like a total goon but link isn’t really suppose to be masculine when it comes to facial features.

Yes there are different versions of link that show a more masuline side and that goes for any elf but generaly he has very feminine facial features. BUT i’ll meet ya half way BlackBoe and say that he does need a touch of masulinity.


Thanks for all constructive criticism, I will come with an update soon!

And BlackBoe, I know I shouldn’t start with faces, but I do anyway! Viva la revolution!


Yes I have and yes I did. I know he’s an elf, and I’ve played almost all the games. XD

I didn’t say jutting jaw and manly beefcake face with heavy eyebrows and a big, broad nose. :stuck_out_tongue: There are actual ways to distinguish really slender-featured males from females.

Hehehe, I didn’t mean to attack you BlackBoe. And yea I agree that he does need some masuline features added to him :wink:

People assume I think they’re attacking me. I wasn’t aware I sounded defensive, I just responded, precisely, to every point you made. :stuck_out_tongue: