linked character doesn't take its animations with him

I have a character which is in a group called playergroup and I want to link the playergroup to levels where it’s necessary.
for some reason are the animations missing when linked.
How can I solve that?
Is there an option to take linked or appended animations to the other blend,
like animations.blend–>player.blend–>level.blend

is it possible?

You need at least one reference to the animation.

You can refer one action by assigning the action to an object (it does not matter what kind of object). This object must be linked into the scene.
Another more explicit method is to refer to the action via ActionActuator. You can apply as many ActionActuators as you like. The actuators do not need to be connected to a controller, nor does the object owning the actuators needs to survive.

I use this method to link actions from another file.
I create an empty apply an ActionActuator for each action. The objects is linked, but does nothing. I usually call it ActionHolder as it holds the actions ;). When I create a new action, I add another actuator to the action holder. After reloading the action will be present.

I have appended and set the animation with the small f next to the action name, is this the assignment you meant?
Because this is the case now and the animations still don’t carry over.
otherwise thanks

You need the “F” inside the file where the action resides (unless it has an specific owner).

If you append the animation it is a copy and loses its relationship to the action in the original file. This action will not have an owner (as you just append it into memory). So you should enable “F” or assign it to an existing object (e.g. an empty).

Be aware you need to do the same thing when linking the action.