Linked copies

I make a plane with honeycomb shapes, shrinkwrapped them to a dome and applied the shrinkwrap modifier. Seperated the loose parts.
What you see are all different objects. When I make them linked copies the position and rotation changes.

Is there a way to avoid this? i wood like to remain the position and rotation like in the first picture.


Any other modifiers on it?

I guess you wanna change or make more details on the hexagon? There is a general problem building a sphere out of hexagons… it’s impossible… See Platonic Solids… it’s possible if there are some 5-gons inbetween…
If you wanna map a honeycomb pattern then every hexgon will be individuall different (except symetry)…
So the best solution woulde be to use the array modifier multiple times with the merge option shrinkwrapping the special hexagonial shape and mirror like so:

And then apply all modifer and cut away unwanted hexas…
HexaA1.blend (123.4 KB)


I don’t think they want a full sphere… just for the individual hexagon…i(?) to not copy the rotation data from the linked instance.

Maybe try a rotate constraint and rotate them all towards an empty that serves as the center of the “sphere”, so 1 radius away from them all?

Yes, thats a job for Object-level constraints, or perhaps scripts. Since you are losing the rotation information on the stage when you are merging them together. A possible way is adding a Damped Track constraint on every object, with the same target, after your final step (link object data), then play with the target’s position

To be able to copy constraints, go to Edit - Preferences - Addons and enable Copy Attribute menu addon. Then, Ctrl + C will give you the option to copy selected constraints from Active object in selection

Thank you for your replys! To my regret nor the damped track, a rotation constraint or a look at constraint did the tric.

de Blinkert_002.blend (3.5 MB)
Please can you have a look at it?