Linked Copy Does not update until Edit Mode on Original is exited

Hello People

I do box modelling. my low poly Cage has a subdivision modifier.
now i make a linked copy to adjust the hard edge Cage of the orginal while watching the Change on the subdivised linked instance in real time (like i can do in 3 d max etc.) but the Linked Copy Does not update untill i exit Edit Mode on the Original.

Any tips help oder Add ons for that?

Nope, sorry it’s just how blender works. My guess is that this way the software runs faster since it doesn’t have to update the object constantly while the changes are being made in edit mode.

Linked duplicate won’t update realtime when it has modifiers.

Subdivisions are predictable so I only show the control cage while building the structure. For adjustments there are visibility options on the modifier header, where subdivision surface modifier has both subdivided model and the control cage showing by default. There’s also an option to show subdivisions on the control cage which is good when making minor tweaks.

If it’s hard to see the forms underneath the control cage, could enable matcap in 3D view properties -> shading. If the control cage still blocks the view too much, could disable edges overlay from 3D view properties -> mesh display.