Linked File cannot find Image

Hello Blender Community,

The problem I have is when I link in the group from the character Blend file, the iris and pupil suddenly disappear. When I append the group, they appear as normal.

I don’t understand why appending the group would work and linking it wouldn’t, but that’s the case. :confused:


The iris and pupil are created via Object Projection, in this case empties that are included in the group. The image file and blend file are in the same folder and, if I understand correctly, according to the Datablock Outliner, the linked file is pointing to the correct folder. The image directory in the file is relative. If there is any other info you might need, don’t hesitate to ask.

Update: I found a solution to the problem.Render Visibility was set to Off … still confused why appending would act differently. The setting was Off then too. Thank you for your time