linked group- cannot edit material

my problem is, i have accidentially linked a group into my blendfile from another blendfile, instead of appending it what i usally do … now, i want edit materials for the members of the group. but i cannot edit them. i tried to press L and choose all, but nothing seems to happen. i tried make proxy but blender then says “can make proxy only for refrenced object or group”… so, i am completely at a loss what i can do, to make the group elements editable… here is how it looks in outliner and properties panel:

when i show groups in outliner, i can see all the elements belonging to the group lilie. but i cannot select them, and the properties window does not show a material tab either. when i select the group in viewport, i cannot select the individual parts, and no edit or sculpt mode is available, just object mode … how can i make them editable?

i would simple delete the group and append it again, but i have spend quite a time to link duplicate and placed the lilie group so many times, i would not like to repeat all this work, if i can avoid it… please help.

Why not append this time then select all your before positioned linked groups and last new appened group. Then Object panel > Duplication > Group > RightClick > Copy to selected.

thank you yuha, i did not manage with the rightclick, all at once, but i could put the new group one by one there so my file is now editable. thanks!

You should append as “instance Groups”, it appends both versions, as instance group and all objects for that group, you have to delete objects and there is only instance group controlled by empty. So basically you have to select all your old instance groups (empties) and last new one then mouse hover over group name and right click as above explained.